Wednesday Winddown: Lost in Space

Sometimes in order to chill out, you've got to look up to the stars and maybe try to hitch a ride to whatever comet David Bowie grabbed a hold of back in the day. I've kept a playlist on my phone for a while called, so thoughtful, "Space Stuff." If you want to blast off to space with me for a while, check out the playlist below. Or if you want to give your seven year old self some nightmares, get into a time machine, de-age however many years that would be, and watch that version of "Lost in Space" with the CGI spider monster that was nothing short of terrifying before we knew whether CGI was realistic enough to actually count as scary.

Ambient Guitar Cover: “The General” by Dispatch

"The General" has been a long time favorite song of mine. The themes of war, duty, and living the best life you can resonated with me when I first heard the song, and continue to stand out to me every time I've listened to it since. This week, I considered the idea of what happens when the General is gone and off into the void. Perhaps he's found peace?

Wednesday Winddown: Post Rock

Sometimes you just need to stretch things out, and take some time to get there. This attitude is something that I deeply appreciate about post rock music as a genre. With an inclination towards opening up the soundscape, not shying away from drums to the extent that ambient music usually does, and soaring build ups all come together to something of a journey as a listener. If you could do with something to wind down to, check out the playlist I've collated below; the first is perhaps my single favorite song!