Whence Came You: Podcast Review

Whence Came You, the Masonic podcast hosted by Bro. Robert Johnson, is something of an anomaly for me in my podcast feeds. I am subscribed to a boatload of audio dramas, podcasts about mythology, true crime podcasts, shows about writing and other aspects of creative careers, and Whence Came You, the only show which is more or less targeted towards an organization. I added the show to the list of shows to check out about two years ago now after seeing the title with no other information on a suggested listening list online (though I confess the list in question may have misunderstood what it was, as it was next to a row of audio dramas), and have been glad I did ever since.

Short Film Review: Code 8

"Code 8," the short film that is intended to stand in as a trailer/proof of concept for the wildly successful Indiegogo campaign by the Amell brothers, is set in a near future science fiction world, where the small number of humans with special abilities live in poverty, outcasts from society.  The film is an interesting…

Audio Drama Sunday: The Behemoth

Quick question, don't think about it: a literal giant with tree branches growing out of his head appears out of the water, and do you: A) run screaming at the horror of a literal giant appearing out of the ocean, you knew there were monsters in there, you just knew it; B) check the news to see how the military is going to take care of this, it's what they do, isn't it? It is, isn't it? or C) follow him and eventually hitch a ride on his shoulder to see if he does stuff or is just on the longest mission to get nibbles on the other side of the country? ...Madyson picks C, because that's the obvious answer. Welcome to the world of The Behemoth, the first audio drama published by the now prolific Rick Coste of Modern Audio Drama.

“Welcome to Night Vale” by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor: Fiction Book Review

A friendly desert community where the sun is always screaming, the sky is full of strange arrows and patterns, and next door to a desert otherworld which holds the absolutely terrible Desert Bluffs and their monstrous radio host, Kevin. Damn them and their Smiling God. But that's not what we're talking about here. Well, mostly. For those listening to the podcast Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, the novel by the same name by the authors by the same name is something of a love song. For those new to the world of Night Vale, it's radio station host, and it's dog park that is open to the public and also under a permanent ban against all dogs, it is likely a weird experience in post-irony, love, loss, and shape shifting. But more on that later...

Audio Drama Sunday: Help Me

What happened to Olivia? What's happening to Nicole Keene? Enter the world of "Help Me," a new twist on the found footage style of audio drama. The show follows the attempts by Nicole to track down the cause of her friend's death, only to find out that there's something darker chasing her too...

Album Review: “What.” by Bo Burnham

"What.", the 2013 album by Bo Burnham is wonderful, weird, and doesn't care what you think of it because it's an inanimate object and art is a lie anyway. Musically solid, intellectually fascinating, and fantastically full of unexpected turns, "What." is an album that I've found myself re-listening to again and again for weeks. Find out why after the jump!

Short Film Review: The Gunfighter

So a cowboy walks into a bar, and everyone asks: will this turn into a ballet of death?  ...Okay, so no one asked that ever.  Not even once.  But the narrator said it, and everyone's listening.  So perhaps a better question: do you like Westerns, gunfights, and breaking the fourth wall for a huge comedic…

How To Win At Cutthroat Kitchen

So, full disclosure: I'm something of a cooking show addict, so we're continuing with that thing where I do some armchair analysis of a cooking related show, because I'm definitely one of those people sitting in my pajamas saying "I could totally take them!" This time, we're going after "Chopped," so strap in, get that little basket of money you're not going to take home ready, and let's go!

Audio Drama Sunday: Creedence Clearwater Revival Hour

Do you need someone to take you to church? Do you need a pastor in your life? Do you need the "good book" to guide your way? Do you know what the "good book" is? Do you have a real sense of what a pastor actually does? What exactly is it that parishioners do when there is a Sunday service going on? If you know, head down to Beavertail, and let Pastor Creedence Clearwater know, he'd really appreciate the help. And if you'd rather listen to someone really learning by doing, check out the Creedence Clearwater Survival Revival Hour!..

“Thing Explainer” by Randall Munroe of xkcd: Nonfiction Book Review

Quick! Have you ever needed to explain the parts of a cell in aggressively simple language for someone who outright refuses to learn a biology term? Or have you had a hankering to investigate the ins and outs of whether or not a T-Rex belongs in an office building? No? ...Just me? Well, have you ever wondered what would happen if someone went seriously NEXT LEVEL with Dr. Seuss's 50 word challenge for "Green Eggs and Ham?" Look no further, Randall Munroe of xkcd has you covered!