How to Choose What You Put into the World

I've been thinking a bit about what I put out into the world- blogging, videos, research, anything really- and how to deal with looking back at past work, and (often) cringing, because current me would do it better/in more detail/from a different perspective. ..

Why I Don’t Believe In Writer’s Block

When did I stop believing in writer's block?  Somewhere between the time that I learned the ugly truth about how bananas are garbage fruits and that my phone has a notes app built into it.  Writer's block can be a monster when you're up against a deadline, real or imagined (but at least the latter only makes you feel terrible subjectively?), but for me, the question has never actually been if I could find a forward in the piece I was writing.  Depending on the situation, the issue could be anything from feeling like I wrote myself into a hole and forgot my ladder, to spacing out on that one idea I had that one time on how I'd handle part of a piece of writing, to some next level procrastination that's one of the few reasons I vacuum on a semi-regular basis.  But isn't that writer's block?  Well... Shut up...