Mushrooms Rock!

Alright, alright, cut it out.  Not those ones.  I mean probably.  Not.  Maybe. ....Stop it! Anywho, mushrooms are about the coolest non-Sciurinae multicellular organisms that this world has to offer.  And I have concrete proof. They can be used to clean up toxic chemicals, because of course they're magic. Mushrooms are honest to goodness the…

How To Win At Cutthroat Kitchen

So, full disclosure: I'm something of a cooking show addict, so we're continuing with that thing where I do some armchair analysis of a cooking related show, because I'm definitely one of those people sitting in my pajamas saying "I could totally take them!" This time, we're going after "Chopped," so strap in, get that little basket of money you're not going to take home ready, and let's go!