Ambient Guitar Cover: Redemption Song

It's that time of week again!  Want something to help set off the midweek chillout right?  Check out my ambient guitar cover of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" below!

How Not To Be A “Kitchen Nightmare”

I don't know about you, but there's just something about an angry Scotsman yelling at incompetent restaurateurs that just seems a bit right.  After watching every episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (Chef is way more chilled out in his home country), and even Hotel Hell, I can pretty confidently say that I think I've got the formula down.  In story terms, the episodes are largely the same format: "We don't know what the problem is!" "You're the problem!" "Wow, such renovations!" "Hopefully it works out!" [Jump to credits/one potato two potato advert].  But there's also themes in where the businesses on the show go wrong, and it mirrors issues that are common to writers.

Three Top Tips for Choosing Your Background Music While Working

I, like many people, have a tendency to live behind my headphones, burning through podcasts, listening to whatever the music algorithms decide is supposed to be next (or one song on loop.  For days on end...

Audio Drama Sunday: The Bunker

Quick question: if you were stuck in the far future post-apocalypse, still had a mid to late 20th century radio for some reason, and needed to reminisce about the before-times, where would you turn to?  The Bunker, obviously!  Hosted by some of the most ancient beings to walk (under) (part of) the Earth, The Bunker…

A Creation Myth From The Ants

Long ago, in the burrows of old, there was a tunnel that reached down further than another other.  No one knows where it came from, but it's said that the first of our kind wandered the land, until the day came that they passed between the tall green trees, and came up to the base of one of the pillars of heaven.  Between two of the large roots of the pillar, was a mound of dirt, and a hole that lead deep into the ground...

Why I Don’t Believe In Writer’s Block

When did I stop believing in writer's block?  Somewhere between the time that I learned the ugly truth about how bananas are garbage fruits and that my phone has a notes app built into it.  Writer's block can be a monster when you're up against a deadline, real or imagined (but at least the latter only makes you feel terrible subjectively?), but for me, the question has never actually been if I could find a forward in the piece I was writing.  Depending on the situation, the issue could be anything from feeling like I wrote myself into a hole and forgot my ladder, to spacing out on that one idea I had that one time on how I'd handle part of a piece of writing, to some next level procrastination that's one of the few reasons I vacuum on a semi-regular basis.  But isn't that writer's block?  Well... Shut up...

Short Film Review: 850 Meters

For fame and fortune!!!! Quick quiz: what do a knight, princess, tall tower, and dragon have in common? If you guessed that the knight is trying to slay the dragon and save the princess (who it just happens will fall in love with him), then you've guessed right! Or you know, you know the story of Rapunzel or Shrek, or literally any knight & princess & dragon related fairy tale. And you don't know what's coming next in 850 Meters.

Wednesday Winddown: Beach Vibes

Hey Everyone!  It's halfway through the work week, and I'm pretty sure that we're all overdue for a little bit of a chillout.  This week on the Wednesday Winddown, it's a beachy vibes kind of a day.  Check out the playlist below for the tunes that I'll be playing when I hit the road out of the office.  ...Or just blast it while you're working, I'm not your boss or the headphone police.  Cheers!

Tin Foil Hats (DON’T) Work

THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO READ OUR MINDS!   ...I mean probably, but honestly, it'll be through machine learning algorithms that figure out our next decisions before we do so that the pre-crime unit can come arrest us first (or was that just in Minority Report?).  In the age of RFID chips and facial recognition and big brother databases maybe it makes sense to protect your privacy.  So instead of starting by ditching social media (thanks Facebook!), picking out a nice VPN to protect your data, and maybe even reading an end user agreement when you sign up for something or download some new software, let's explore why tin foil hats are a waste of your time!  And money!  And, I mean probably dignity...