Audio Drama Sunday: Help Me

What happened to Olivia? What's happening to Nicole Keene? Enter the world of "Help Me," a new twist on the found footage style of audio drama. The show follows the attempts by Nicole to track down the cause of her friend's death, only to find out that there's something darker chasing her too...

The Tunnel of Books

Imagine a tunnel. It doesn't matter where it is, but you're inside a tunnel. You walk along, in the dark, and you have no idea where you are, or what the walls are made out of, but it doesn't feel like stone, or anything else you might expect to find in a tunnel.

Album Review: “What.” by Bo Burnham

"What.", the 2013 album by Bo Burnham is wonderful, weird, and doesn't care what you think of it because it's an inanimate object and art is a lie anyway. Musically solid, intellectually fascinating, and fantastically full of unexpected turns, "What." is an album that I've found myself re-listening to again and again for weeks. Find out why after the jump!

Short Film Review: The Gunfighter

So a cowboy walks into a bar, and everyone asks: will this turn into a ballet of death?  ...Okay, so no one asked that ever.  Not even once.  But the narrator said it, and everyone's listening.  So perhaps a better question: do you like Westerns, gunfights, and breaking the fourth wall for a huge comedic…

Ambient Guitar Cover: Good Riddance

It's the middle of the week again, and that means time to take a chill, destress, and get ready for the rest of the work week. This week, I've done an ambient guitar cover of Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)." Check it out below!

How To Win At Cutthroat Kitchen

So, full disclosure: I'm something of a cooking show addict, so we're continuing with that thing where I do some armchair analysis of a cooking related show, because I'm definitely one of those people sitting in my pajamas saying "I could totally take them!" This time, we're going after "Chopped," so strap in, get that little basket of money you're not going to take home ready, and let's go!

Beware the Brain Crack

When you've got work on the docket that needs doing, it can be exceedingly tempting to chase down every little idea, plan, or new goal that pops into your head in an effort to escape, because it's just so good and feels like it's so close and achievable...

Audio Drama Sunday: Creedence Clearwater Revival Hour

Do you need someone to take you to church? Do you need a pastor in your life? Do you need the "good book" to guide your way? Do you know what the "good book" is? Do you have a real sense of what a pastor actually does? What exactly is it that parishioners do when there is a Sunday service going on? If you know, head down to Beavertail, and let Pastor Creedence Clearwater know, he'd really appreciate the help. And if you'd rather listen to someone really learning by doing, check out the Creedence Clearwater Survival Revival Hour!..

What Babies See In Mirrors

A baby crawled along the bedroom floor, exploring. There was a bed skirt to pull on, a closet door to push at (wouldn't open), a dresser drawer to pull on (too heavy), and, oh! What is this now? Who's here?

Punchlines in Poetry

What's the most important part of a poem for you? Is it imagery used, the rhyme scheme, the length, the strength of the emotion, the rhythm? For me, it's the punch line. No seriously, I mean it. Regardless of whether the poem is intended to be amusing, satirical, or in any ostensible way comedic, having a strong payoff is key to making it all come together. Here's why!