Ambient Guitar Cover: “The General” by Dispatch

"The General" has been a long time favorite song of mine. The themes of war, duty, and living the best life you can resonated with me when I first heard the song, and continue to stand out to me every time I've listened to it since. This week, I considered the idea of what happens when the General is gone and off into the void. Perhaps he's found peace?

How To Be A More Efficient Temple Runner

If you're like myself and many other people, you occasionally find yourself sitting somewhere with a hankering to attempt to escape from an oversized skull wearing monkey. Alternatively, you've got a completionist attitude when it comes to the tappy tappy games you keep on your phone for your down time. Or you've got a short term addiction to a game with a sufficiently simple premise that you can continue to listen to the podcast, TV show, or internet video you're already listening to or "watching." Temple Run is one of the long time favorites of mine, being one of the first games that I downloaded when I got my first smartphone. However, spending hours upon hours to unlock every little character, hat, and objective is something that I don't have the luxury of, so I've put together a little guide on how to get everything done faster.

Caffeine Tolerance: How to Use It More Efficiently

Over the course of my studies, I have become what you might call an, advanced, consumer of caffeinated drinks, and foods (chocolate covered coffee beans are basically the best, just try them).  Caffeine alone however, it not enough to keep you going...

Audio Drama Sunday: The Behemoth

Quick question, don't think about it: a literal giant with tree branches growing out of his head appears out of the water, and do you: A) run screaming at the horror of a literal giant appearing out of the ocean, you knew there were monsters in there, you just knew it; B) check the news to see how the military is going to take care of this, it's what they do, isn't it? It is, isn't it? or C) follow him and eventually hitch a ride on his shoulder to see if he does stuff or is just on the longest mission to get nibbles on the other side of the country? ...Madyson picks C, because that's the obvious answer. Welcome to the world of The Behemoth, the first audio drama published by the now prolific Rick Coste of Modern Audio Drama.

May The Dinosaurs Be With You

I told the children a story Sunday. Well, I told the entire congregation a story during my sermon. The children are hardest to reach, you know? When the music stops and the service is almost over, all they're really doing is waiting for me to shut up so they can go out and play. I can't say I blame them. Not really...

Buy Your Own ISBN Numbers!

For anyone considering or looking into publishing their own books, one of the points of contention that you will eventually reach is whether or not you should cough up to buy your own ISBN numbers, or go with the oh so appealing option of using the free one that many print on demand services offer you. In no uncertain terms, the former is the better option, and it's due to the following:

“Welcome to Night Vale” by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor: Fiction Book Review

A friendly desert community where the sun is always screaming, the sky is full of strange arrows and patterns, and next door to a desert otherworld which holds the absolutely terrible Desert Bluffs and their monstrous radio host, Kevin. Damn them and their Smiling God. But that's not what we're talking about here. Well, mostly. For those listening to the podcast Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, the novel by the same name by the authors by the same name is something of a love song. For those new to the world of Night Vale, it's radio station host, and it's dog park that is open to the public and also under a permanent ban against all dogs, it is likely a weird experience in post-irony, love, loss, and shape shifting. But more on that later...

Wednesday Winddown: Sleep In A Hammock

Post-rock and ambient guitar music are definitely high on my list of types of music to relax to. Hammock, the guitar duo from Tennessee, has been a fast favorite of mine since I first listened to some of their music from an autoplay suggestion several years ago. I've put together a playlist of my favorites, as well as a few that I think will be interesting to someone new to their style of music. Kick back, relax, and maybe take a nap with the playlist below!

How “Science” Articles Are Written

I read an article last week that really set me off. It was one purporting to be a warning about some sort of additive in a vaccine, but upon closer inspection, it didn't have much in the actual fact behind it, but instead played a number of tricks, intended to scare the reader. While the actual article will be withheld here in order to limit it's exposure, and however hard it is to resist the urge to simply blast "learn to science" out into the world, I've put together some tips that may help you evaluate articles making questionable claims in the future.