How to Speed Read

I've known for many years that I can read at a significantly faster pace than is perhaps average when necessary.  However, I can recognize in my own reading, as backed up by literature, that there is a trade off between reading comprehension and speed that eventually becomes problematic...

Audio Drama Sunday: The Deep Vault

On a scale of 1-10, how claustrophobic are you? Killer robot-ophobic? Generally afraid of dying in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in an underground bunker that was supposed to be the salvation of humanity, but is instead a cavalcade of horrors and nightmares? If the serious answer is above like a 3 for the last one, here and now in the real world, you presumably live in a war zone or own a bunker yourself. If that's not the case, and you'd like to find out how it works out for our intrepid- heroes(?), survivors(?), poor souls(?)- well, people, Alex, Carson, and Jeremy, then welcome to The Deep Vault.

There’s A Shark In The Pool

When I was a kid, I used to imagine that there was a shark in the pool. Well, I should qualify that statement: when I was the first person in the pool, I used to look into the pool and objectively know it was empty. I also would objectively know that a body of water that size could hide jellyfish, sharks, or the occasional moray eel. Or stingray. Or whatever else lives in the ocean and tries to eat at you...

“The Decision Book” by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler: Nonfiction Book Review

"The Decision Book" by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler is a book of what they describe as "fifty models for strategic thinking." I came across it, as one does, at an airport, and picked it up for some light reading before a flight. While it does in fact deliver on its tag line, I have some difficulties with the book.

Wednesday Winddown: People Are People

I really like AJJ (the band formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad). Alternating funny, smartly socially commentating, and emotionally heavy hitting, they are for me one of the best folk (/folk punk) acts around. This week's Wednesday Winddown playlist is inspired by their songs "People," "People Ii: The Reckoning," and "People II 2: Still Peoplin'", because god I love some people sometimes, because people are the greatest things that happen. Check it out and chill out, won't you?

Audio Drama Sunday: It Makes A Sound

Everyone, I think, has some piece of music that sticks with them from when they were kids. It could be a song that you remember hearing on the radio, a concert that you saw, some little song someone close to you would sing; something which stays with you over the years, and takes on an outsized status in your memory as the music of your childhood. For Dierdre Gardner, it's the music of Wim Faros, a local prodigy, who played at a birthday party in a golf club. #rememberwimfaros

Whence Came You: Podcast Review

Whence Came You, the Masonic podcast hosted by Bro. Robert Johnson, is something of an anomaly for me in my podcast feeds. I am subscribed to a boatload of audio dramas, podcasts about mythology, true crime podcasts, shows about writing and other aspects of creative careers, and Whence Came You, the only show which is more or less targeted towards an organization. I added the show to the list of shows to check out about two years ago now after seeing the title with no other information on a suggested listening list online (though I confess the list in question may have misunderstood what it was, as it was next to a row of audio dramas), and have been glad I did ever since.

Short Film Review: Code 8

"Code 8," the short film that is intended to stand in as a trailer/proof of concept for the wildly successful Indiegogo campaign by the Amell brothers, is set in a near future science fiction world, where the small number of humans with special abilities live in poverty, outcasts from society.  The film is an interesting…