Whence Came You: Podcast Review

Whence Came You, the Masonic podcast hosted by Bro. Robert Johnson, is something of an anomaly for me in my podcast feeds. I am subscribed to a boatload of audio dramas, podcasts about mythology, true crime podcasts, shows about writing and other aspects of creative careers, and Whence Came You, the only show which is more or less targeted towards an organization. I added the show to the list of shows to check out about two years ago now after seeing the title with no other information on a suggested listening list online (though I confess the list in question may have misunderstood what it was, as it was next to a row of audio dramas), and have been glad I did ever since.

KCRW’s “Here Be Monsters” : Podcast Review

A podcast about the unknown. And fear, impromptu home surgery, beetles that are fed with meat, and a guy that hangs out in the graves he's dug before the dead people are brought over (by the funeral home, relax). But mostly fear. The brainchild of a young and worried about the world and future and things in the world that are in the future man named Jeff Entmen, "Here Be Monsters" is a podcast which is best described as a curated collection of existential crises. But that's not all there is to it.