Be Honest

Let's be honest. Five weeks ago, according to one of the many spreadsheets which rules my life and tells me what to do because waking up each day without an extensive and comprehensive list of what I'm supposed to do is a scary concept, I should have published a post called "Be Honest." It was, again, according to the spreadsheet of wonders that I made sufficiently long ago that I can pretend it was made by someone who had a better plan for this blog than I do, supposed to be about how it doesn't matter what we make, as long as it's honest. I even made the header picture. Well, I got the picture from someone who took a picture of paintbrushes and I put a caption on it and I uploaded it to a draft post. Sufficiently honest enough yet? Well...

Buy Your Own ISBN Numbers!

For anyone considering or looking into publishing their own books, one of the points of contention that you will eventually reach is whether or not you should cough up to buy your own ISBN numbers, or go with the oh so appealing option of using the free one that many print on demand services offer you. In no uncertain terms, the former is the better option, and it's due to the following:

Punchlines in Poetry

What's the most important part of a poem for you? Is it imagery used, the rhyme scheme, the length, the strength of the emotion, the rhythm? For me, it's the punch line. No seriously, I mean it. Regardless of whether the poem is intended to be amusing, satirical, or in any ostensible way comedic, having a strong payoff is key to making it all come together. Here's why!

Why I Don’t Believe In Writer’s Block

When did I stop believing in writer's block?  Somewhere between the time that I learned the ugly truth about how bananas are garbage fruits and that my phone has a notes app built into it.  Writer's block can be a monster when you're up against a deadline, real or imagined (but at least the latter only makes you feel terrible subjectively?), but for me, the question has never actually been if I could find a forward in the piece I was writing.  Depending on the situation, the issue could be anything from feeling like I wrote myself into a hole and forgot my ladder, to spacing out on that one idea I had that one time on how I'd handle part of a piece of writing, to some next level procrastination that's one of the few reasons I vacuum on a semi-regular basis.  But isn't that writer's block?  Well... Shut up...