How To Be A More Efficient Temple Runner

If you're like myself and many other people, you occasionally find yourself sitting somewhere with a hankering to attempt to escape from an oversized skull wearing monkey. Alternatively, you've got a completionist attitude when it comes to the tappy tappy games you keep on your phone for your down time. Or you've got a short term addiction to a game with a sufficiently simple premise that you can continue to listen to the podcast, TV show, or internet video you're already listening to or "watching." Temple Run is one of the long time favorites of mine, being one of the first games that I downloaded when I got my first smartphone. However, spending hours upon hours to unlock every little character, hat, and objective is something that I don't have the luxury of, so I've put together a little guide on how to get everything done faster.

How To Win At Cutthroat Kitchen

So, full disclosure: I'm something of a cooking show addict, so we're continuing with that thing where I do some armchair analysis of a cooking related show, because I'm definitely one of those people sitting in my pajamas saying "I could totally take them!" This time, we're going after "Chopped," so strap in, get that little basket of money you're not going to take home ready, and let's go!

How Not To Be A “Kitchen Nightmare”

I don't know about you, but there's just something about an angry Scotsman yelling at incompetent restaurateurs that just seems a bit right.  After watching every episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (Chef is way more chilled out in his home country), and even Hotel Hell, I can pretty confidently say that I think I've got the formula down.  In story terms, the episodes are largely the same format: "We don't know what the problem is!" "You're the problem!" "Wow, such renovations!" "Hopefully it works out!" [Jump to credits/one potato two potato advert].  But there's also themes in where the businesses on the show go wrong, and it mirrors issues that are common to writers.