I Really, Really, REALLY Hate Exercising

Words cannot quite express how much I’m not one of the type of person who just *needs* their workout to get through the day. But if there’s something I dislike more, it’s feeling slow, out of shape, and just on that side of heavier than the range where I’ve felt my best. There are a couple of steps which are in practice small, but can have huge ramifications if followed through on. Such as:

  1. Measure and set an achievable goal. If you know that you average some number of steps or walk about a certain distance a day, make it a mission to do half of that distance by lunch time. It’s made a huge difference for me.
  2. Find a way to make yourself be held accountable (in a healthy way). Send a trusted friend a message with your exercise accounting for the day, link up with like minded people through your fitness tracking program of choice, or write it on a sheet you leave out somewhere you’ll see it regularly at home. Not being able to change or adjust it later is key- make it be out of your hands once it’s updated.
  3. If you can afford it, grant yourself permission to buy the tools (clothing, gym memberships, fitness trackers, sports gear). Then consider how many times you have to use it in a week to make that up front cost worth it. One day? Three? Five? Seven? If it helps motivate you, make it a mission to make that average cost as low as possible.

There’s a million and a half ways to motivate yourself to exercise. What works for you?

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