PICKLE RIIIICK!! ..Or Why You Should Do Things Because You Can

If you could turn yourself into a pickle, would you?  I mean probably not, but you do you.   In the episode “Pickle Rick,” Rick Sanchez of Rick and Morty attempts to explain to Morty that the reason people would turn themselves into a pickle (very, very literally) is because they could.  Fair point Rick.  I think that internally, I, and I’m sure others, self impose limits on our decisions on new things we try, instead of taking a jump on something new and seeing if it works.  Therefore, maybe we should be trying, when sensible, to decide to try new things if:

  1. It sounds preposterous and awesome in equal measure.
  2. You’re pretty sure that you could objectively accomplish the goal.
  3. Because you’ve decided to, that’s why.

Just maybe don’t turn yourself into a pickle.  I don’t know that they have an equivalent structure to a human brain.

Would you turn yourself into a pickle?

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