Audio Drama Sunday: The Deep Vault

On a scale of 1-10, how claustrophobic are you?  Killer robot-ophobic?  Generally afraid of dying in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in an underground bunker that was supposed to be the salvation of humanity, but is instead a cavalcade of horrors and nightmares?  If the serious answer is above like a 3 for the last one, here and now in the real world, you presumably live in a war zone or own a bunker yourself.  If that’s not the case, and you’d like to find out how it works out for our intrepid- heroes(?), survivors(?), poor souls(?)- well, people, Alex, Carson, and Jeremy, then welcome to The Deep Vault.

The Deep Vault is a seven part series released in 2016, which follows Alex, Carson, and Jeremy as they attempt to survive in the post-apocalypse.  They make their way into a bunker which should contain food, shelter, and information, but it well, doesn’t provide them those things in the way that they would like.

The show is a heavy, visceral, and fantastically well constructed piece of work by Dead Signals, who also produce Archive 81, which I’ll be reviewing at a later date.  Sonically, the folks at Dead Signals pulled off a master work with their effective, realistic sounding, and well placed sound effects and design.  There are layers on layers to the sound effects, which helps to build the mental image of the events in the vault.

The Deep Vault constantly keeps you guessing as to what is coming next, and doesn’t include any deus ex machina saving graces that some shows, particularly longer, multi-season shows, include, out of obligation to an important or well liked character.  You can feel the extent to which the characters feel trapped, claustrophobic, scared, and lost deep underground, and the execution of the inclusion of the show’s villain (sorry, no spoilers!) feels real and plausible.

The only fault I can really place on The Deep Vault is that it ended after seven episodes.  The creators released a statement that the show was intended only to be seven episodes out of the gate, but I’ve kept it in my subscriptions, and I hope one day to see it come back with new episodes to scare and surprise me.  If you want to check out the show, go to their website here!


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