There’s A Shark In The Pool

When I was a kid, I used to imagine that there was a shark in the pool.  Well, I should qualify that statement: when I was the first person in the pool, I used to look into the pool and objectively know it was empty.  I also would objectively know that a body of water that size could hide jellyfish, sharks, or the occasional moray eel.  Or stingray.  Or whatever else lives in the ocean and tries to eat at you.

Yeah, okay, it makes no sense, but hear me out.  Have you ever seen any of those things in the wild?  Or aquarium?  That water, whether it was somewhere tropical or in a tank was blue as could be.  And what color is the water in a pool?  Exactly.

Don’t try to tell me that “it was just the color of the pool liner” or “those are all salt water organisms and your pool was chlorinated” or “a pool in a suburban backyard is not where wild animals are found.”  I found frogs and one time a dead squirrel in it, so I’m not buying it.

Of course, these worries went away when other people were in the pool.  I’m not sure if it was because it meant the obviously present shark would go after someone else, or if someone else could spot it if I wasn’t looking, or if it was because people came over when it was sunny so it was easier to see the whole pool.  Water is dark sometimes, even in a backyard.

I have the same thoughts when I go into the ocean you know.  So maybe we just need a higher person to water ratio, and then all the scary ocean beasties will stop being real and I can swim in peace.  Yup.

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