Audio Drama Sunday: It Makes A Sound

Everyone, I think, has some piece of music that sticks with them from when they were kids.  It could be a song that you remember hearing on the radio, a concert that you saw, some little song someone close to you would sing; something which stays with you over the years, and takes on an outsized status in your memory as the music of your childhood.  For Dierdre Gardner, it’s the music of Wim Faros, a local prodigy, who played at a birthday party in a golf club.  #rememberwimfaros

It Makes A Sound is a podcast-within-a-podcast show, in which Dierdre Gardner, the protagonist of our musical adventure, finds the only known recording of the music of Wim Faros, a boy that she grew up with, and who played at a certain formative birthday party in little old Rosemary Hills in 1992.

Dierdre obsesses over Faros and the tape which she finds in her mother’s attic, to a degree which is frankly unsettling at the start of the show.  It gives the early impression of something truly, unhealthy, due to how singularly she focuses in on the music held within.  To hear her describe it, Wim Faros’ work is some sort of lost masterpiece, something beyond description, that she was so lucky as to come across and rescue.  But as the series goes on, it becomes clear that there’s more, or perhaps more accurately less, to the story than meets the eye.

The podcast is one which starts off slow, but increases in pace to match the energy of Dierdre and her discoveries in her investigation to find a way to listen again to Faros’ music.  The music which was created for the show is substantial, and feels to me rather like another character in the story, just like Dierdre and Cody and everyone else.  The story hits hard emotionally, playing on themes of loss, love, nostalgia, and family.  It quickly, but subtly at first, grows out of the obsession with Faros and his music, to something greater: a story about people and moving on.

It Makes A Sound is one season long at the time of writing, but it’s nine episodes of worth it.  The characters are endearing, honest, and just trying to do their best.  I look forward to the next season, and the story thus far is a testament to the idea that if a tree falls in a forest, it does truly make a soundCheck it out here!

Oh, and rememberwimfaros.

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