Whence Came You: Podcast Review

Whence Came You, the Masonic podcast hosted by Bro. Robert Johnson, is something of an anomaly for me in my podcast feeds.  I am subscribed to a boatload of audio dramas, podcasts about mythology, true crime podcasts, shows about writing and other aspects of creative careers, and Whence Came You, the only show which is more or less targeted towards an organization.  I added the show to the list of shows to check out about two years ago now after seeing the title with no other information on a suggested listening list online (though I confess the list in question may have misunderstood what it was, as it was next to a row of audio dramas), and have been glad I did ever since.

For clarity, I am not a Mason, and likely won’t become one at some point later.  Whence Came You is a show where Brother Robert Johnson, a Past Master Mason, reads research papers, articles, transcripts, and selections from books, which range from recent publications to some over a hundred years old.  The topics range from the history of Freemasonry, to esoterics, to concepts about education, charity, and duty.

As someone whose experience with Masonry amounts to seeing “National Treasure” and some Dan Brown movies, it’s fascinating to listen to a show which explains how, in terms that he is able to without breaking his obligations, Masonry works, how the organization(s) have grown and are organized, and the ideals which are held by Masons as people and an institution.  The extent to which a dedication to education and learning are considered integral parts of being a Mason and a person in general was particularly interesting to learn about.

For someone who is interested in hearing about topics like mythology, symbolism,  education and learning, and the importance of hard work, Whence Came You has a rather extensive back catalogue to peruse.  I think that for people are interested in Masonry, or who simply like hearing new perspectives, the show is a worthwhile listen, and I recommend it highly.  It’s a neat mix of history, analysis, and ideas which I don’t come across often in other places.  If you’d like to learn more about the show, or give it a listen, check it out here!

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