How To Be A More Efficient Temple Runner

If you’re like myself and many other people, you occasionally find yourself sitting somewhere with a hankering to attempt to escape from an oversized skull wearing monkey.  Alternatively, you’ve got a completionist attitude when it comes to the tappy tappy games you keep on your phone for your down time.  Or you’ve got a short term addiction to a game with a sufficiently simple premise that you can continue to listen to the podcast, TV show, or internet video you’re already listening to or “watching.”  Temple Run is one of the long time favorites of mine, being one of the first games that I downloaded when I got my first smartphone.  However, spending hours upon hours to unlock every little character, hat, and objective is something that I don’t have the luxury of, so I’ve put together a little guide on how to get everything done faster.

  1. When you open the game, take the free mystery chest when it’s available.  Elementary, but every little bit helps.
  2. Your goal is to get to the point where you’ve upgraded all of the abilities to their top level (specifically Boost, Coin Value, Pickup Spawn, Power Meter, and Coin Multiplier).  The other abilities (Shield, “Save Me”, and “Head Start”) are nice, but won’t help you push up your coin count or score in order to meet the achievements much faster.  Focus on the first set of abilities if you’re prioritizing spending your coins.  Boost increases your distance ran which directly translates to more coins.
  3. Check which objectives you have to fulfill at any given time.  Bear them in mind when you are running, and end the run if you have hit the goal.  Filling the objective will get you the reward, which can go towards paying for the abilities; rinse repeat.
  4. Save your gems for paying for the maps.  You will need at least 500 to pay for the first one, and will need the maps for longer than the season that they are available if you want to keep up with the challenges, objectives, and daily quests in the long run.
  5. Keep up with the challenges and daily quests if you are short on coins or gems.  Combined with the objectives and your actual runs, you can collect more coins and gems that you can possibly manage from running alone.
  6. The “Miser’s Run” is the hardest task that you can have to deal with.  I prefer running in the “Frozen Shadows” for these; the early part of the map feels more open to me.

Remember: there are (almost) no benefits to a single, massively long run outside of certain objectives or challenges.  A number of smaller runs that complete a task quickly is a far more efficient way to play in my experience.  Happy running!

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