May The Dinosaurs Be With You

I told the children a story Sunday.  Well, I told the entire congregation a story during my sermon.  The children are hardest to reach, you know?  When the music stops and the service is almost over, all they’re really doing is waiting for me to shut up so they can go out and play.  I can’t say I blame them.  Not really.

This week, I told them about how we’re all made of dinosaurs.  You should have seen them perk up when I said that; it’s the most attentive they’d been since the Christmas place, and half of them were in that.

“We’re all stardust, which came together to make the Earth, which stewed and brewed life until the dinosaurs, which eventually returned to the Earth.  Millennia passed until humans stepped up as the making-things-monkeys we are today.”

One of their little hands shot up, bless their little heart, “Are we dinosaurs?”  His mother tried to hush him, but it was too sweet and honest, I had to respond, you know?

“No, but chickens and other birds are pretty close!” I told him.  “Wow…” – he was in awe.  For probably the first time in a church service too.  It really just clicked for me then.  All they really wanted was something to relate to.  That’s it.

To be totally honest, that wasn’t even the best part.  On the way out the door after the service, I was at the foyer to speak with people on the way out, when the boy from earlier ran up to me, and interrupted when I tried to say, “peace be with you,” to say, “may the dinosaurs be with you!”  I couldn’t help but laugh a little, he was so earnest.

Do you have a book on how wolves were domesticated into dogs?  The animal shelter is running an adoption drive next week; two birds, one worm, you know?

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