Audio Drama Sunday: Help Me

What happened to Olivia?  What’s happening to Nicole Keene?  Enter the world of “Help Me,” a new twist on the found footage style of audio drama.  The show follows the attempts by Nicole to track down the cause of her friend’s death, only to find out that there’s something darker chasing her too.

“Help Me” is a show that takes it’s premise, a running blog by the main character Nichole, seriously, and is believable.  The variation in episode length gives a more realistic impression that the show is actually following a real person, in contrast to how some other shows need some more substantial suspension of disbelief with regards to how everyone somehow manages to record a matching episode length’s worth of material.

The conclusion of the show (no spoilers here) brings a nice rhyme in the story to the beginning of the series, and left me with the impression that the story was intended to continue onto another season(s).  The creator has written that it wasn’t intentional, but I think it’s a testament to how completely the story was built that it feels natural that the story would continue, without necessarily having holes that went unfilled, or plot lines abandoned.

If you’d like to find out what happened to Nicole Keene, check out the show’s site!

Or, start here at the beginning.

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