Audio Drama Sunday: Creedence Clearwater Revival Hour

Do you need someone to take you to church?  Do you need a pastor in your life?  Do you need the “good book” to guide your way?  Do you know what the “good book” is?  Do you have a real sense of what a pastor actually does?  What exactly is it that parishioners do when there is a Sunday service going on?  If you know, head down to Beavertail, and let Pastor Creedence Clearwater know, he’d really appreciate the help.  And if you’d rather listen to someone really learning by doing, check out the Creedence Clearwater Survival Revival Hour!

The Creedence Clearwater Revival Hour is a show which is utterly fantastic and funny, despite being a monster to find on your search engine of choice.  If you’re not a superfan of the Creedence Clearwater Revival (band), you’ll be introduce to all 10 million search results available.  Once you’ve made it through, you’ll find the show that I learned was ad-libbed only after binging my way through the show and following for an inordinately long amount of time before realizing.  In retrospect however, it makes perfect sense, as Pastor Clearwater is himself making up pretty much everything he does as he goes along, so that might mean that the CCRH is one of the most solid pieces of method acting audio drama available!

The CCRH goes a step beyond what an ad lib show could be, including a, long, story arc about the pastor himself and his backstory (no spoilers here!).  After listening through every episode, I can appreciate how the story still clearly has a rough direction, but has the feeling of being left with a lot to play out, rather like a tabletop roleplaying game.  It saves the show from being “just” a show about a hapless, (and let’s be honest mostly) wannabe pastor that flounders without direction.

If you want to learn more about a church that you can really get behind, get involved in, help the pastor run oh please won’t you help the pastor run, then check out Critical Point Theater’s show that should really be coming out about every week.  Alternatively, if your name is Don, and you want to help the pastor out, maybe reach out to them and lend your services?

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