What Babies See In Mirrors

A baby crawled along the bedroom floor, exploring.  There was a bed skirt to pull on, a closet door to push at (wouldn’t open), a dresser drawer to pull on (too heavy), and, oh!  What is this now?  Who’s here?

The baby crawled a bit further forward, and was surprised to see another baby looking back at them.  With an immense effort, it sat up, and then leaned forward- too far!  It fell forward, catching itself on… Something flat and hard.  The other baby did too!

The baby looked, confused, at the baby it was partially clenched hand to partially clenched hand with, and cocked it’s head.  The other baby did too.

“Who are you?” asked the baby.   …It “goo-ed” with a questioning tone, so that’s probably what it meant.  “Who are you” asked the other baby.  Let’s assume that’s what it was saying, I don’t speak baby.

“I’m ‘oo look at you cutie'” said the baby.  “I’m ‘oo look at me cutie'” replied the baby in the mirror.

“Why don’t you come and play?” asked the baby.  “I can’t come and play, my mommy said so,” replied the baby in the mirror.

From behind the baby, outside of the bedroom, the baby heard it’s mom calling.  “Oo look at you cutie!” it’s mother called, stepping into the room.  “Aww, look at you, you think your reflection is a different baby!”

“It is a different baby!” cried out the baby, as it was picked up.

“I am a different baby!” called out the baby in the mirror, as it was picked up and taken away in the opposite direction.

“Oh don’t worry about it honey, it’s just your reflection.  You’ll learn that it’s just your reflection as you get older,” said the baby’s mom.

“But where will they go?!” cried the baby.

“But where will I go?!” cried the baby in the mirror.

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