The Light! It… Doesn’t Burn!

I love science.  I also love to see people bringing real science into conversations, and not being afraid to point out when correlation and causality aren’t the same thing.  And I really love seeing someone overcoming their inability to even and defending how the natural order of things works when someone would like to use scary science words to scare people who are scared of scary science words.  So who would like to put $20 on their microwave not being a nuclear reactor?

The preceding image is from a Tumblr post by the Wild Unicorn Herd.  I would like to print it out and frame it for my wall.  And everyone’s wall.  I’ve linked the full post below.  I don’t care what you are doing, drop everything, scroll down, and read.  We’ll catch up at the bottom.

There’s something special about coming across a well cited, cross-linked, and comprehensive response to science sounding nonsense.  There is a reason that we as scientists have a sample size larger than 1 plant per condition.  There is also a reason why science fair projects are like 9/10ths “good job kiddo, you got a grade for science class that wasn’t part of a test or lab report.”  It’s also why when you walk the floor at a science fair, you’ll see a lot of experimental projects that are either safely within the “we knew it was doable from the start range,” or are in the, “I know my plants didn’t grow for the whole time I was doing my actual measurements, but they sprouted in the one weekend I took to put together this poster board!” category.

When you come across something that sounds science-y, do question it.  Just because it might be written in 10 buck words, and sounds like it’s plausible, read up on it.  I don’t care if it’s written by the ghost of Albert Einstein himself, check up on it.  And look for the sources.  Oh, there aren’t any?  You don’t say.  LERN 2 SCIENCE.

Also, follow Wild Unicorn Herd on Tumblr.  Or, sign up for a Tumblr account, follow Wild Unicorn Herd.  Or, sign up for a Tumblr account, follow Wild Unicorn Herd, and share the post to spread the science.   …Do all three, like right now.

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