Audio Drama Sunday: The Bunker

Quick question: if you were stuck in the far future post-apocalypse, still had a mid to late 20th century radio for some reason, and needed to reminisce about the before-times, where would you turn to?  The Bunker, obviously!  Hosted by some of the most ancient beings to walk (under) (part of) the Earth, The Bunker is the interview, musical, informational, and occasionally adventurous variety program that you didn’t know you needed if you were busy fighting your way through the barbaric surface world!

The Bunker is one of the very first audio drama shows that I listened to when I started to listening to audio dramas in earnest, and it’s been high on my list of favorites ever since.  By the time I came across it a couple of years ago, it had already finished its original 12 episode run, meaning it was perfect for a couple of day binge to get through the entire show.

It sells itself as a radio program, and plays itself surprisingly straight in that regard, sticking to the radio program form throughout the season, in a departure from shows like Welcome to Night Vale and King Falls AM, which use the radio show format rather more as a device for containing their stories, as opposed to a realistic, true world radio format.  The hour long episodes honestly help sell the radio show format better, as there is plenty of time to go through the show segments like the “old time” interviews and music pieces, without having to rush through the more action-y sequences or adventures and conversations between the actual characters.

If you’re relatively new to audio drama, particularly if you already listen to non-fiction podcasts, The Bunker is a fantastic starting point.  While the commitment is a bit higher per episode than a lot of other shows, by the time I reached the end of the show, I was glad to find out that Definitely Human had MarsCorp in the pipeline.  Their storytelling is fun, believable, and draws you into the world they’ve created before you realize it.

If you want to find out what the fuss is about, or just need some pro-tips on how best to keep outsiders out of your underground hole you call home, check out The Bunker here!

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