Drink Up! Starting the Day Off Well

What do you drink in the morning?  Coffee?  Tea? Soda?  Water?  Anyone?  Water?  Darn.

When starting my day, whether I’m well rested or more tired than the average puppy after their devastatingly short morning walk down the street, I do my best to make an effort to find balance with my choice of energy buzz for the morning and hydration.  It can be exceedingly easy to forget that drinks like coffee, tea, and energy drinks (which everyone knows I would never have more than three of in a morning) may make you feel less thirsty, but are going to cause you to feel dehydrated a couple of hours later.  A useful system that’s helped me survive many a university and work day is:

  1. If you’re drinking something caffeinated, and can keep it in a mug, jug, or bottle that can be closed (particularly useful if you want it particularly hot, cold, or carbonated), do so.  I know that if I have something that can’t be closed, I tend not to intersperse water over the time that I’m finishing off my morning wake up call.
  2. Try adding ice or warming up your cup or bottle of water, and see if that helps you drink more.  I realized several years ago that if I put my bottle of water, or any partially finished bottles I might have around back into the fridge or freezer for a while, I would be more likely to actually finish them off.
  3. Set yourself hydration goals.  For some people, myself included, it is enormously helpful to set a water goal for the day or part of the day.  This can be simplified by finding a reusable water bottle or insulated cup that you fill once in the morning and again in the afternoon.  And maybe again at night if you’re working late!

What do you drink when you start off your day?

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